Union County Amateur Radio Club
President: Lee Massey (WA9LM)
Vice President: Ashley Massey (KD9EFB)
Treasurer: Thom Beebe (W9RY)

                             Secretary: Buddy Adelsberger K9BJA                         
Trustee: Leroy Pfaltzgraff (KB9JNO)
Webmaster: Thom Beebe (W9RY)

The Union County Amateur Radio Club meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the

Anna Fire Department at 101 E. Market, Anna, IL

Next meeting 3/09/20.
License testing before the meeting.
Club amateur radio operations follow all FCC Rules and Regulations.
We work together as a club fostering the continuation of amateur radio as a hobby
in the Southern Illinois area.
All paid members are voting members on all club business.
 Annual dues are $15.00
and due by the February meeting each year.
Rag Chew Breakfast Dad's restaurant April 4th 8:30 a.m.
Buffet breakfast (each person pays their own bill).
All amateur radio operators and those interested in learning about amateur radio are invited.

If you are interested in joining the Union County Amateur Radio Club
use the Membership button below, or if you are interested
in becoming a ham radio operator,              
contact webmaster@kd9evl.com

The Club repeater is up and operating on 145.250/144.650 with a PL tone of 77.