The April 27, 2019 Spring SET will focus on SAFE, Rapid Deployment FIELD EXPEDIENT configurations and, most of all, Operator Training

Objective: Contact as many Illinois ARES counties as possible during the 8 hours 8:00AM-4:00PM (0800 - 1600L) - Train on sending messages to "Net Control" and individual counties.

Spring SET Station parameters and Operational Characteristics:

Use emergency power where at all possible

"Simplified" equipment configuration - set up and operated by minimum number of people

Use teams/groups to alternate operating times - simulation of "72 Hours"

Simplex operation on all bands

Temporary antenna structures dipoles or NVIS HF antennas

Voice and Data (Winlink/Winmor/Pactor) message with relays where needed

ICS-213 Message formats

Test of JS8Call for passing All Call bulletins/SET changes

80M (0800 - 1030L/1400 - 1600L), 60M (1030 - 1200L), 40M 1200 - 1400L) operation

NC9IL 20 Minute "open net" check in, 3.905 MHz 'fall back' frequency throughout the day

Partner with Served Agencies/ARES groups

Operation. if possible, during entire SET period to allow for maximum training opportunities for everyone.

*** ARES Volunteers to help planning this State Wide Exercise are more than welcome, they're essential.